Sycamore Process Engineering was founded in 1987 and has been working in the cheese industry ever since, gaining invaluable experience, delivering value for money solutions and earning an enviable reputation. We are now recognised as one of the leading installers of milk processing and cheese making equipment in the country.

Dairy is our speciality, we provide process modules to pasteurise and deliver milk at the right temperature for successful and efficient cheese making. We are always striving for excellence and seeking to improve the service that we offer. We are constantly researching new methods to provide an even better service for you; for example, a new method of standardising fat and protein content to allow the fat casein ratio to be controlled.  We also install equipment such as; CIP sets, cheese milk pasteurisers, vats, draining tables and blockformers.

We are confident in our abilities across the sector so if your job is different to the previous listed installations, we’ve got industry specific knowledge and cross-sector experience to apply to any project.