Sycamore have a real buzz about recently completed mix plant


The Sycamore Process Engineering team are thrilled to have completed the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of a Honey Cocoa Mix Plant for a leading producer of honey products.

The project included a dual purpose, bespoke-designed process vessel to hold the mixed product as well as an integrated mixer unit and an external powder incorporation unit. All the process valves, instrumentation and process pipework are controlled by a central PLC control system which is all integrated into a compact process skid, to enable the company to produce a chocolate flavoured honey.

The Sycamore design team had a very limited space within the processing facility to work with, so with our bespoke approach it was clear we had to overcome the challenges of not only making it fit, and making it user friendly and safe to operate, but we also had to make sure we focused on the product type and pay special attention to the natural viscosity and stickiness of this product.

The project features a jacketed and insulated mix vessel with conical top and base, incorporating a purpose build gate style agitator where the ingredients can be recirculated, mixed and held in suspension for the required duration ensuring an evenly mixed smooth product.Mix Plant Render

All of Sycamore Process Engineerings equipment and process skids are selected and built to the highest quality ensuring all standards and legislation are met. We also review the sustainability and longevity of the systems during the design phases to ensure our clients have the right equipment and specific parts and components that will last.

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