Whey Handling

Whey handling is one of Sycamore process Engineering's key competencies.

Sycamore can provide complete end-to-end whey plants in collaboration with our partners Wafilin Systems.

Our partnerships enhances our current process solution offerings and enables complete end-to-end process solutions with membrane filtration. We can offer Micro Filtration (MF), Ultra Filtration (UF), Nano Filtration (NF), and Reverse Osmosis (RO) solutions to suit our customer's every need.

We have the processing knowledge and experience in delivering Whey Protein Concentrate export systems for large cheese manufacturers who export their protein to a multination cooperation. 

We can handle every stage of the project in-house from the initial concept design through manufacturing, installation and commissioning and then with our Project Support Package (PSP) we can offer health-check, maintenance and service plans to ensure minimal downtime of the plant.

WPC Export System