Liquid Milk Pasteurisation

With specific knowledge in the milk processing industry, our milk pasteurisation systems can be provided as part of a complete end-to-end solution or as an individual section of the process - our flexibility allows us to deliver!


Our liquid milk pasteurisers are designed with efficiency and hygiene at the forefront ensuring our customers receive the most benefits from their investment. Designing our systems with the most efficient and reliable pumps and components assures that our customers have a dependable and effective processing system that they can rely on to provide consistent results. We have designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned several milk pasteurisers with the pasteurised milk being used to produce different end products. We, therefore, have the knowledge to provide the most efficient processing solution.

Throughout our team, we have the knowledge combined with experience in delivering process solutions to the dairy industry. This allows our team to provide the most suitable liquid milk pasteurisation systems to our customers by using their extensive knowledge and previous experiences to interpret the requirements outlined by customers and also offer enhancements that are only possible due to the knowledge and experience that is possessed across our team.

If you need to upgrade, replace or purchase a new liquid milk pasteurisation plant or have any questions on the support and equipment we can offer throughout the whole milk processing journey contact our team.