Clean in Place (CIP)

Whatever your CIP requirements, Sycamore can provide a solution. From a single tank, single channel manual system through to a multi-tank, multi-channel, fully automated system - we can deliver!

With over 30 years experience in hygienic process operations, we can help your business meet and exceed industry standards. We are also certified ISO 9001 so quality and peace of mind is guaranteed.

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  • Save time and resource

    Minimise your cleaning time and reduce the amount of manual labour involved.
  • Increase cleaning consistency

    Duplicate the exact solution and method every time.
  • Increase site safety

    CIP systems reduce the risk of your staff coming into direct contact with chemicals.
  • Optimise and monitor

    Easily ensure the correct temperature, contact time, flow rates and chemical strengths are used every clean.
  • Save money

    Cut your operational costs through efficient use of detergents and water without compromise on cleaning standards.
  • Improve plant hygiene

    Effectively reach and clean objects which cannot be reached by any other means with a CIP system.