New Process Solution for Planet Coconut


Sycamore Process Engineering Ltd was recently engaged by Planet Coconut to design, fabricate and install a processing solution for the production of Coconut Milk Yoghurt, including a new insulated stainless steel process vessel.

This dairy free yoghurt was first developed in Australia, and since 2013 has been produced in the UK by Planet Coconut under the brand name CoYo.

Whilst needing to increase their production output, Planet Coconut MD, Bethany Eaton, was adamant that the process should remain simple to operate and retain the ‘handmade’ element.

Sycamore has designed, fabricated and delivered a system that will be easy to operate and clean, and provide improved pasteurisation and cooling to maintain the high product quality that Planet Coconut always delivers.

After decades in the food and beverage industry, and historically having our roots firmly in the dairy sector, Sycamore is still rising to new challenges and we were pleased to be able to help Planet Coconut in producing this dairy free alternative.

In addition to this Coconut based product, Sycamore has been asked by the client to design another alternative dairy free Yoghurt production process solution in 2017.